e-TDS Returns Software

– Simple Preparation & Easy Filing

  • Auto Tax Calculation
  • Calculate interest on delays
  • Auto PAN No. Verification
  • Cross-check each TDS Payments
  • Timely compliance reminders

e-TDS software

TDS Software is the complete eTDS & eTCS return preparation software exclusively designed as per the system specified by NSDL in line with the requirements of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India. The software enables eTDS & eTCS return generation for all types of Forms - 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ. It also prints all the TDS, TCS certificates - Form 16, 16A, 27D.

What makes 'e-TDS Software' a No. 1 choice?


• Preparation and Validation of e-TDS return file. 
• User can Generate Forms 24G, 24Q, 26Q, 26QA, 26QAA, 27A, 27B, 27Q, 27EQ, 15G/H, 16, 16A, 27D, 49B by giving Single Input (with correction statement).
• Facilitates record keeping and error tracking of returns through preparation of Multiple correction statement.
• Identification of wrong PAN - This helps to identify a wrong PAN report and correct it accordingly.
• File Viewer Facility to view FVU files as per the format prescribed by the NSDL.
• Salary display computation of total income and tax calculation thereon.
• Challans wise Details, Certificate Issue Register, List of Clients not having PAN and address. 
• Salary Summary Annual Gross (Display the Gross Amount and Exempted Amount separately), Annual Net (Display the Final Taxable Amount) and Monthly Salary Summary (Display the Monthly Salary Paid).
• Online TAN Registration.
• e-Filing of Return (Auto downloads of CSI File from the NSDL Site, Error Locator - efile error locator redirects you to the point of initiation of error, Auto Generation of Form No. 27A with control report.
• List of All India Bank Branches Codes Available. 
• Facility to calculate amount of Monthly TDS to be deducted.
• Real Time Validation Facility - A tripwire in the software to identify errors and notify the user during the e-Filing process.
• Challan Verification - This facility verifies the authenticity and correctness of the challan from the CSI File.
• Import/Export Facility
  » Import Facility - TDS facilitates importing data of deductee and employee master and deductee entries
     from Excel Sheets / FVU / NSDL-TDS File.
  » Facilitates importing deductee entries from Text files generated by all major banking software e.g.Finacle etc.
  » Export Facility - TDS facilitates exporting of data and grid into Excel templates.
• MIS Reports
  » Various Master Reports - Deductor Master / Deductee Master / Employee Master Reports.
  » Salary Report - Reports on Monthly TDS Deducted, Monthly TDS to be Deducted, Gross Salary Summary, 
     Net Salary Summary.
  » Challan Report - Reports on Challan Status, Deductee wise Challan report.
  » Return Status Report - User is facilitated by status report of Filed and Pending Returns.
  » Statement Analysis Report - Identification of all the possible defaults on a excel sheet for a particular quarter 
     on a single click.
• Online Features
  » New Deductor Registraion on Income Tax Website.
  » Facility to upload TDS statements.
  » Online TAN/AIN Registration - Information automatically filled up in the online registration form 
     on Traces website using the software's master database.
  » Online Verification Single / Multiple Challan - This facility checks the correctness of the challan from the 
     NSDL Website. 
  » Online PAN Verification - This facility checks the correctness of the PAN from the Traces Website.